Pacifica Premium Patio Dining Chair Cushion

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  • Designed for use with patio furniture
  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors
  • Individually partitioned cushions to easily fit various chair sizes
  • Durable Pacifica Premium fabric exterior
  • Easily secure with straps to your furniture
  • Storage loop or folding design for easy storage
  • Resists mold, mildew, stains and moisture for ong-lasting use
  • Dimensions: 21" W x 44" L x 4.5" H
  • Description

    You deserve to enjoy a nice day in the comfort of your patio or backyard, at ease in the perfect chair. Featuring three padded sections for your lasting relaxation, the Pacifica Premium Patio Dining Chair Cushion by Astella is sure to upgrade your favorite patio seat, perfecting your outdoor living space. The matching fabric ties at the top and center of the cushion allow you to easily secure the cushion to your outdoor furniture for your enjoyment. Pacifica Premium cushions are made with 100% solution dyed acrylic canvas which lasts 4 times longer under the sun compared to olefin and polyester cushions, so your investment in style and comfort is repaid year after year. With the variety of solid, vivid colors available, this cushion is sure to complement your other patio décor beautifully. The cushion can also easily be folded into a smaller square for convenient storage or hung on a hook with the cushion’s storage loop. Make your next afternoon outdoors more tranquil than ever by ordering this stylish outdoor dining chair cushion!

    Dimensions & Weights
    Product Size
    21" W x 44" L x 4.5" H
    Product Weight
    1.98 lb
    Shipping Size
    24" W x 46" L x 6" H
    Shipping Weight
    2.98 lb

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